Stomach Cancer Treatment

Stomach Cancer is one of the malignancies which remain difficult to treat as it spreads fast. So it becomes important that we are aware of it and respond at the earliest to any particular symptoms.


What is stomach cancer?

When there is uncontrolled growth of cells in your stomach it is known as stomach cancer.

What are the risks factors for development of stomach cancer?

There are certain risk factors which can make one person prone to stomach cancers. But that does not mean that any person having risk factors will develop stomach cancer, similarly also a person without any risk factors can develop cancer.

  • Smoking and alcohol: these are two major risk factors. Risk of getting cancer increases proportionately to the amount and duration of tobacco or alcohol use
  • Diet: Non vegetarian diet especially smoked foods increase the risk
  • Obesity: It is a statistically significant risk factor for the development of stomach cancer
  • H pylori infection: This bacterial infection of the stomach is known to cause stomach cancers.
  • Pernicious anemia: Or Vit B 12 deficiency anemia has also been associated with stomach cancers
  • Stomach Polyps: Risk is higher in people who have small growths from the stomach mucosa called as polyps
  • Blood group A: These people are also at slightly higher risk

What are the symptoms of stomach cancers?

  • Indigestion: Indigestion is not uncommon but any symptoms of hyperacidity which is persistent and disturbing should be thoroughly investigated as it may be the first symptom of stomach cancer.
  • Black stools: Black tarry stools signifies bleeding from the upper GI tract and can occur from cancer of the stomach
  • Unexplained weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Blood in vomiting
  • Feeling of fullness after meals
  • Weakness

How is stomach cancer diagnosed?

With any of the above symptoms you should visit your gastroenterologist or GI surgeon/Oncologist. They will order certain tests to diagnose the problem.

a. UGI Endoscopy: This involves placing a camera through your mouth into the stomach to look for any abnormal growth and taking the biopsy.

stomach cancer diagnosed

Once the diagnosis is confirmed on biopsy, your surgeon will be ordering one CT scan of the abdomen.

b. CT Scan: This will tell about the extent of the disease and help your surgeon in deciding the Surgery.

How is stomach cancer treated?

Stomach cancer treatment involves
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • And sometimes radiation therapy

Surgery remains the mainstay and involves removal of a part or total stomach depending upon the location of the tumor with subsequent reconstruction.

Stomach Cancer Treatment In Delhi

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are usually given after the surgery but sometimes if the initial disease is bigger and not appropriate for surgery you might be asked to take chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy prior to surgery to make the disease operable.

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