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Dr. Mahak Bhandari: A Leading Surgical Expert

Welcome to the world of surgical excellence led by Dr. Mahak Bhandari, a distinguished Senior Consultant and Lead Surgeon. With an impressive array of qualifications, including MBBS, MS, FMBS, and FALS, Dr. Bhandari stands as a true luminary in the field of surgery. With over 11 years of clinical and surgical experience, Dr. Bhandari has honed his skills to perfection, specializing in a wide range of basic and advanced Laparoscopic surgeries. His expertise encompasses procedures such as Hernia repair, Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy, Fundoplication for Reflux and GERD, Intestinal Gastrointestinal Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, Diabetes-related surgeries, Endoscopic procedures, and Balloon interventions.

Dr. Bhandari’s pioneering spirit shines through as he introduced Robotic General surgery to Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. His repertoire includes Robotic Hernia surgery, Robotic Gallbladder surgery, Robotic Appendix surgery, Robotic Fundoplication, and Robotic Bariatric surgeries. These cutting-edge techniques exemplify his commitment to providing the best possible care to his patients.

At his state-of-the-art operating facilities, namely “MOHAK Hi-Tech Speciality Hospital” and “Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre” in Indore, Dr. Bhandari utilizes the latest advancements in medical technology, Equipped with Karl Storz OR HD, 3D Karl Storz, 4K Stryker camera systems, and state-of-the-art Da Vinci surgical Robotic systems, these facilities ensure that surgeries are not only precise but also time-efficient, leading to superior outcomes.

Dr. Mahak Bhandari is dedicated to managing a wide spectrum of conditions, including Gallbladder stones, Appendicitis, Hiatus Hernia, GERD, and acidity. He is also an expert in the management of umbilical hernias, inguinal hernias, recurrent hernias, and various stomach and intestinal-related problems, such as Intestinal perforation and obstruction.

Furthermore, Dr. Bhandari is renowned as an expert in weight loss surgery, performing Bariatric and Metabolic surgeries in high volumes across Asia. His commitment to excellence and patient well-being shines through in every surgical procedure he undertakes.

“Entrust your surgical requirements to Dr. Mahak Bhandari, a highly skilled specialist known for delivering world-class care. With a dedication to innovation and precision, you’re embarking on a path to better health and well-being right here.

Exceptionally skilled and mentored by world-renowned experts

Dr. Mahak Bhandari stands out as a distinguished and prominent surgeon hailing from Indore, India. With a focus on a range of surgical disciplines including general surgery, advanced laparoscopy, gastrointestinal procedures, and upper digestive surgeries, he has carved a niche for himself in the medical field. Dr. Bhandari’s expertise also extends to robotic surgery, adding a cutting-edge dimension to his practice.

His journey through the world of medicine has been marked by excellence both in academics and in his professional career. He has been privileged to receive training from renowned luminaries in the medical world, including the likes of Dr. Mal Fobi, Dr. Manoel Galvao Neto, and Dr. Mohit Bhandari, who is widely recognized as Asia’s foremost Bariatric and Metabolic surgeon.

Dr. Mahak Bhandari’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge and delivering exceptional patient care has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a leading figure in the field of surgery.

Dr. Mahak Bhandari’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge and delivering exceptional patient care has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a leading figure in the field of surgery.

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